Thursday, 14 July 2016

Create Tarot Naturally by Gillian Avart - A review

"Create Tarot Naturally" is a book of just over 200 pages of thorough and helpful information on how to learn to create your own personal deck. It is well written and very clear on what to do and how to also help you interpret the cards. Each card section has its own quiz to help you retain the information and I found that useful (I usually have the attention span of a flea). 
Each card is explained and has tips on how to interpret it in the form of keywords or phrases that are helpful for beginners. Pictures of each card are included. Gill explains thoroughly the process of getting to know each card and how she came to create each one. 
The end section of the book explains the process of creating your own deck, from photographing to printing, to choosing the right accessories and software. Gill also delves on what went and could go wrong in the "Learn from my mistakes" section. 
Although this is intended to give advice to anyone wanting to create their own deck, you can also feel from reading the book that this has also been a very personal journey for the author. 
I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Tarot, from beginner to advanced, as it is not just a pleasant and useful read, but also an insight on a very personal creative process. From this, one can easily take what is useful to them and then progress on their own personal Tarot creating journey. 

And here's a direct link to the book :) CREATE TAROT NATURALLY

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Dream Interpretation with Tarot

Tomorrow I will be talking (while drinking some wine) about this topic in the LIFE AS A SEER radio show (click for link to go to the FB event but also if you miss it you can download it later).
I have always had  fairly vivid and active dreams and I enjoy interpreting them and using Tarot as well to get clarity. A 3 cards spread can be enough to gain focus, you can do:


Or you can tailor it depending on the intensity and symbols of the dream, or you can even just throw as many cards as you want just for advice and then read the story in the cards. But here I am going to tell you how I do it (when I remember to write them down :p) and you can also use this method. Here is an example of a recent dream:

"I am at some sort of big outdoor event in the countryside with many of my friends. I then get somehow lost and panic a bit. As I finally head back to the entrance of this natural park, I get into the information office and, as I walk in, I realise I cannot see hardly anymore. My right eye has gone blind, my left still can see. A bit. I tell a lady there and she tells me to call my friends to take me home. I am thinking I am having a stroke and panic. I try each mobile number and all of my friends phones are off. I look in a mirror and notice that both my pupils are fully dilated and totally black".

So, first things first. BREAK DOWN THE SYMBOLS. Here we have: countryside, sight, eyes, blindness, phones, black.

Countryside: can be wanting freedom from something that is constraining, open spaces and need for personal space.
Sight: Being able to "see" is important, as for clarity. And also for awareness of what is around us and what is coming, this could be fear of losing control.
Eyes: They are our ability to see, windows to the soul.
Blindness: Losing sight here could be fear of losing control, well some control is already lost because the right eye (generally future as left is connected to the past) is now completely blind. This could be anxiety on not knowing what is ahead.
Phones: This is about communication and how we relate to others and they to us. All phones are off, no response. Therefore this is saying that there is a feeling of being cut off and not being able to express oneself.
Black: Absence of all colours. Again this is about not knowing, what is behind the black? Is there light or is it just a black hole?

Next we draw some cards. In this case I did not use the spread above, although I still drew 3 cards. Because what I want to know is:


Using the Morgan Greer deck I have then drawn the cards as above:

- 9 OF PENTACLES: I would say that this is telling me that I am blind to what I have. This 9 is a card of stability and enjoying the results of one's work. I am blind to this, very likely that this is not done consciously, but it is telling me that I probably have more than I think and that I should start appreciating it more. Also working towards more stability (10) and "regaining" sight.

- 10 OF CUPS: Well, lol, while this card is more emotional as it is Water, I would say that I am getting a similar message. I am missing the fact that I can have all these Cups and drink them, that this is in my control if I wish it to be. This 10 is also about finding the right emotional balance.  The 10 of Cups can also be about an ideal "union" be emotional or otherwise.

- THE TOWER: Now this made me laugh, if you listen to the radio show you will see that I used a different dream example there and this was the exact same card that came out as third. Absolute change, upheaval, the demolition of something for it to be reborn. A phoenix rising from the ashes. This is destruction but with a purpose. The Star (hope) follow in the Majors sequence. Nothing is lost, just reshaped and rebuilt.I think this is telling me that I need to "Tower" myself. You know a bit like having a major "fuck it" moment. And this is a card I rarely pull ever but that it has been following me for a couple of weeks (yes I am being very careful while crossing the road etc :P).

And it is as easy as that, helps though to write the dreams down as you as you can, or generally parts gets lost.
So happy Tarotpreting ;)


Sunday, 5 June 2016

New Moon Progression Tarot Spread

Well, since it is New Moon in Gemini today I believe, (sometimes I do lose track as I have the attention span of a midget for what regards keeping track of cycles and things...) I thought why not create a spread for advice in moving forward.
When I put "Prison" I was actually thinking of the Monopoly game and getting a get out free ticket and of creating a MANY cards spread....but then worked out that doing a spread that way would have simply taken too long, so I lost attention again of course...But I left "prison" because we so many times cage ourselves up (like in the 8 or 2 of Swords) where all our issues (or mostly) are actually of our own doing.
What do you want to progress with? What are you blocking yourself with? (yes you ;) ) What do you want to be released from and free to let better energies in?
This could also be about your spiritual path and how to progress. However you want to use it I hope it will be of guidance for you :).
And Happy New Moon of course :)

Feedback on how it has worked for you is always welcome :)

Saturday, 21 May 2016

The inevitability of Death

Death (as those closer to me know quite well) is one of my favourite cards in the Tarot deck. While there are other cards that can lead to change, sudden transformation and upheaval (Tower, 10 of Swords for example) Death is inevitable. We can change the outcome in general or shape things to suit us better even in the middle of a crisis. But with Death as an outcome (or in a very significant position in the spread), we know that it will happen, eventually.
And yet many of us (including myself) choose to either ignore it or think we can change/avoid it.

A year ago I had a great reading done at the London Tarot Festival, my question was a personal one and the reader had no idea of my situation. I watched her pull the cards out and, one by one, answer a totally different question I did not ask. I was about to make a huge work decision, but I knew that! And the outcome was Death.
She was very kind and apologised (lol) but proceeded to do a lovely and accurate reading, the cards were telling me to focus on work, that what I asked was not relevant and not important at the time. I chose to ignore Death, I gave it a fanciful meaning that I was about to make big changes anyway.
But you see, Death does not manifest quickly, it creeps up slowly and then Wham! You're dead and transformed.
I watched a year go by and every single card manifesting in that reading. I cringed a little with every month passing (it wasn't bad but a hard and difficult path). And then, Death. And I knew that, even though I have given many talks on this card, I still was missing the main point: We cannot run from Death, whatever the situation, it will catch up with us. The Grim Reaper may take a break every now and then but then will follow.
So, if this card manifests for you, pay attention. There may be some changes you still need to make and, a bit like Judgement, if you do not listen they will catch up with you and you may end up losing control and being forced to change and begin again.
Don't get me wrong, I do not think that it is a negative card at all. But, sometimes, in order for something to begin again, something else will need to die. The energies from this Death lending momentum to the new start.
And so it begins.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Full Moon Manifestation Tarot spread

Since tomorrow is Full Moon I thought...why not make up an easy spread for manifesting. You could use this spread also as part of a Tarot manifestation spell. Simply leave it out with anything else you have used for the ritual.
Candles are always nice to use in this case, depending on what you want to manifest, you would need:

Green: Finances
Red: Love/Passion
Pink: Romance
Black: Clearing/Banishing
Yellow: Career/Creativity

Not dipped candles by the way, but solid colour ones. 

I have added a Lenormand card at the end for extra advice just for fun. If you are not familiar with the Lenormand system feel free to ignore it (or learn it..)

So here goes:

I used my Morgan Greer deck to draw this spread about finances for myself (gulp...)

 1) Knight of Swords - Fast energies, quite likely I need to act on them and be very proactive, but positive forward movement.

2) 3 of Wands - Keep making plans, again I am feeling here the message is don't stop, keep going (stopping?? Who ya kidding?)

3) The Empress - Keep within yourself, taking care of myself and be positive. Putting my needs before others for a little while.

4) The Hanged Man - Be patient (ah well one can always hope...). Planning and reasoning without rushing will win in the end.

Lenormand advice: The Mountain - Blockages are in the way, they will need to be conquered first.

...shuffles off to pay some bills...

Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Court cards on their first date (and what their first sentence would be...)

So, this is of course just my take on that ;), but let's have some fun with it...
You are on a first date with someone. What would their first say be upon meeting you based on their Court card persona?

Page of Cups: "I've been so hurt...I need a friend..."
Page of Swords: (sorry cannot follow the torrential flow of words, so no idea what he/she would say)
Page of Pentacles: "Hi! I work in IT!"
Page of Wands: "How do you like it?"

Knight of Cups: "Here's some flowers..." (about 3 different types of bouquets)
Knight of Swords: "Here's a list of questions I have..."
Knight of Pentacles: "Are you ambitious?"
Knight of Wands: "Let's get a room?"

Queen of Cups: "I'm a water sign you know?...*wink*"
Queen of Swords: "Now, this is how I would like it to be..."
Queen of Pentacles: "I'm hardworking, I have 4 children. Have you got any?"
Queen of Wands: "Would you like to know what I'm wearing underneath?"

King of Cups: "I'll take good care of you..."
King of Swords: " I, I, I, I, I, I am everything, what's your name again?"
King of Pentacles: "I just bought a house, do you want to settle down?"
King of Wands: "How about a trip abroad, something kinky perhaps?"

Feel free to add to this, I have these conversations going on in my head, may be sometime I'll get them to meet properly and have a proper conversation. HA!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

A dream, painful needles and the 9 of Swords

I had quite a convoluted and unsettling dream last night. It sounds upsetting but, if you consider that the previous night I dreamed about being tortured and flogged until flesh was coming off my bones, this was a walk in the park I guess :P. So here goes:

"My mum took me to the doctor and it turned out that I needed to go and see a surgeon because there was something wrong with one of my eyes.The surgeon was nice and tells me that I need an operation in order to have full sight again. So my mum then takes me to hospital. But then we leave and go for a walk and my nan (she passed a long time ago) steps up to me to take me back in. I am not happy about the operation because it involves inserting long needles into my right eye and all the way into my brain. Mum takes me to the operating table. Then she texted my dad to let him know. I ask the surgeon for anaesthetic and he says that he cannot give me any as I need to be awake for the procedure. I get strapped onto the operating table. He takes out these loooooong needles and then proceeds to insert them, one by one, into my eye. I felt no pain just some discomfort as I felt like something was poking inside my brain. Afterwards as I get up I can see again." 

My first thought upon waking is that the dream is subconsciously telling me that there is something I am not seeing, and it is close to me. I half expected to draw the 4 of Cups as a daily card. But no, I drew the 9 of Swords. This is about worry, repeated thoughts and of course can also be be about being so focused on something that we lose sight of everything else. My sight is restored so this is temporary. I have to say I am over tired so perhaps this was a factor in it too. A friend suggested this is about perspective, what we see (or do not see) with our own eyes is not necessarily how it is.

So I did a reading on it as in:

  • What do I need to know about this dream?
  • What is the message it tries to convey?
  • What action do I need to take? 

 1) The Lovers 

It is telling me that this is about choice, I can choose to see or not to see. I am not blind, I just need help. A little twist of the needle and the sight is restored. I have a feeling that this is literally telling me to love myself and understand beauty around me.

2) Justice
A Karmic card, this of course is a subconscious message about balance. Right and Left, Above and Below, the message is to restore this balance to the right level. Perhaps also to try and analyze the symbols in a logic manner.

3) Ace of Swords
Well what more of an action could be a card that is itself the start of an action? This is clarity, again I am seeing the suggestion to analyze the dream from a logic point of view. Not an emotional one. Thinking of it the needle itself could be the Ace of Swords, injecting clarity in what was once confusion.

I also feel this was bringing up issues from the past, with all my family present. But, to be honest, I'll probably get some more insights as the days go by :). 
(deck used: Morgan Greer)